Drilling in the Mediterranean is the next in-thing in the energy sector 

The Levant Basin has raised increasing interest in recent years in the world energy market. Geological studies and surveys conducted in the region have led to a range of gas and oil exploration ventures and attracted many investors who identified the promising commercial potential in this region.

The Israel Land Development Company - Energy Ltd. (ILDC Energy) is a subsidiary of one of the veteran and leading holding groups in Israel for over 100 years: The Israel Land Development Company Ltd. Established in March 2010, ILDC Energy is a public company.


Energean joins Myra and Sara partners
The Cyprus-based company is taking a 25% stake in the energy exploration licenses off Israel's coast.

20/10/12 Update on Sara-1 Exploration Drilling
ILDC Energy and operator GGR announced today that the Sara-1 exploration well has reached a final Total Vertical Depth Subsea of 3,928 meters. Based on the cutting samples and logging performed during…

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